Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Book News - Linda Fairstein's "Entombed" (Fairfield County Online)

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Discussion of Poe related mystery novel \ upcoming author appearance

"In Fairstein's 'Entombed,' workers demolishing a nineteenth-century brownstone where Edgar Allan Poe once lived, discover a human skeleton entombed -- standing -- behind a brick wall. When sex crimes prosecutor Alexandra Cooper hears about the case, it strikes her as a classic Poe scene...except that forensic evidence shows that this young woman died within the last twenty-five years. Meanwhile, the Silk Stocking Rapist is once again terrorizing Manhattan's Upper East Side. The attacks soon escalate to murder and the search leads to the Bronx Botanical Gardens and its wild, forested environs, where an interesting librarian presides over the Raven Society, a group devoted to the work of Poe. In exploring the fabled writer's tormented life for clues, the heroine crosses paths with a cunning killer and faces some of the greatest challenges of her career."