Friday, April 08, 2005

Prose: Eleonora

Eleonora. Poe, Edgar Allan. 1917. Eleonora, The Fall of the House of Usher & The Purloined Letter. Vol. X, Part 3. Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction

"...From the dim regions beyond the mountains at the upper end of our encircled domain, there crept out a narrow and deep river, brighter than all save the eyes of Eleonora; and winding stealthily about in mazy courses, it passed away at length through a shadowy gorge, among hills still dimmer than those whence it had issued. We called it the “River of Silence,” for there seemed to be a hushing influence in its flow. No murmur arose from its bed, and so gently it wandered along that the pearly pebbles upon which we loved to gaze, far down within its bosom, stirred not at all, but lay in a motionless content, each in its own old station, shining on gloriously for ever..."